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I bring you a warm welcome to The Kinder House, a child care facility that serves children from the ages of 1 year to 12 years. Founded in June, 1992, The Kinder House has served the families of eastern North Carolina proudly, and with appreciation of each uniquely individual child who is now and forever a part of our family as a Kinder House Kid.

Childhood is a time like no other. It’s a time for exploring…for creating…for discovering about yourself…for meeting the world…for learning how to learn…for being accepted “just the way I am”.¬†We have, and always will, encourage children to “celebrate being a kid”. We are committed to the belief that children have achieved…that is they CAN DO. Our role is to build upon these things that children are able to do, while looking to the child to determine the next stage of development. This “can do” approach is the basis of our philosophy for the center. This viewpoint allows our kids to become confident and to enjoy success in an atmosphere of respect, warmth, and love.

Give us a call at 252-636-5437 or email us at thekinderhouseccc@yahoo.com to schedule a tour or speak with us about our program.